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Welcome to Gællæffa

Pronounced /gal əfa/

A world where myth, legend, superstition, and fear are spun into tangible reality. The primal gods are that which cannot be explained, natural phenom that powers mortal belief, which in turn powers gods. The planar sphere of Yoreth, where much of this takes place, is but one part of this magical world.

Belief in the gods is as strong as ever, but the ascendant plane is becoming more crowded by the day as advancing renaissance era technology begins to refine the mortals beliefs, catering to new gods of print, harvest, controlled light, and weaponry, and out-moding the strength of the old primals of lightning and darkness. Some primals accept this gracefully and bow to their children, and some seek to return to their former selves, plotting in the backdrop of mortal dreams on ways to create a dark age where they will once again be feared, and respected.

Thank You

In inviting you to Gællæffa I am asking you to come join me in one of my favorite places. So thank you, for taking the time to make your way here.

I have always been fond of containers, and that's what this story, and this world, is. This is a world of sensation and emotion, thought and moral. It is meant to inspire further thought in you, and in me. There is so much space in this world, I could not even begin to put my feelings fully in to form, nor the characters and dreams that you have yet to create.

I look forward to this, us sharing this story, this place, and these characters. I look forward to it growing in time, and being shared with others that you too find important, or come to find important.

Yet, this container will never be full. There will always be room for you.

- Brian A. Ericson, a.k.a Lemesprie

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