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Skills represent your characters life-experience. They are intentionally broad, and should be narrowed and focused by your abilities. They are benefited by their relevant stat modifiers.

Grit Force Chuck Endure Presence
Moxie Bluff Entertain Convince Dedication
Tempo Precision Subtlety Haste Grace
Vision Spellcraft Empathy Memory Notice

Skill Investment

Token Max Investment Total Investments Investment Bonus
1 1 5 1
2 2 8 1
3 2 11 1
4 3 14 1
5 3 14 1

As you can see by the table above, for every token-level your character has, you gain some number of “investments” that can be placed up to a maximum of one in each skill of your choice. This means that there will be skills that you're not great at, and that's OK! This is meant to be a team game. As your character grows they can become either incredibly talented in one set of skills, or more well rounded, depending on their willingness to rely on and work with others.

Each point that you invest in a skill gives you a static +1 bonus to your die rolls using that skill. This means if you have a 2-token character, with 2 investments in Endure, you will apply a +2 bonus to your Endurance roll, before factoring any additional bonuses (from abilities, stats, or items).

In addition you'll notice that this growth caps off on a 5-token character. A 5-token character is defined by their creativity, their ability to use their abilities well, and their flexibility. After becoming a 5-token character you will need to start relying on allies to accrue more raw power, although you can re-distribute your points every time you gain a token, and you can further specialize your points as you grow.

Trading Abilities for Skills

If you're not sure what to do with some of your ability points, you can instead trade them for additional skill investments at a rate of 2 points to 1 investment.

Skills by Category

Each skill is tied to a stat category, when rolling for that skill you will apply your stat bonus for that category.


Force - The Force skill is all about your ability to exert your grit and strength on the world around you. It might represent your ability to shove a boulder, hold a door closed, or open a door or a chest.

Endure - The Endure skill is all about your ability to resist pressures or toxins. It acts as more of a constant passive, but there might be situations in which you're asked to check for endurance or you can otherwise leverage your endurance. It might be used to drink a friend (or enemy) under the table, make a grand-stand against fading to black, or muddle through a furnace-like environment.

Presence - The Presence skill is all about your ability to pressure others with your physique. It is a perpetual state of how intimidating you may be, or how much of a force you have around you. If you're trying to intimidate someone by sheer physical demonstration, or demand the attention of a group of people, presence would be the skill you would use.


Bluff - The Bluff skill is about lying or misdirecting others. You might use it to convince someone that you're the prince of a foreign country, you too grew up on the streets, or no, you really are over that relationship that you had 2 years ago.

Entertain - Entertain can be used in a wide variety of ways but will usually tie in some way to a horizontal aspect of your character, something relating to your backstory, a practiced instrument, a unique style of dance, or a series of tales you know and have rehearsed. It's your ability to move a crowd with a practiced art.

Convince - The Convince skill functions as you would expect it to, it's your ability to make a compelling rationale with true statements, and shows how genuinely you may represent those emotions.

Dedication - This is your ability to demonstrate your resolve or dedication to a cause, group, concept, or person through a standalone roll/stat. If you're trying to leverage a group you're associated with, or maybe recall something related to one of your associations, this would be the stat to use.


Precision - The Precision skill is your ability to aim a ranged weapon in the heat of the moment, to get your grappling hook fastened to the perfect rock, or to aim for that vital point when attacking with a knife.

Subtlety - Subtlety is the art of matching your timing with the world around you, to mask your footsteps with environmental sounds, to cut the purse as it's rocking back while keeping lockstep with your mark, to lead with your left hand and palm the gem with your right making it look like it's vanished into thin air.

Haste - Haste represents your ability to match instinct to fast twitch muscle. This will impact your chances to dodge an attack, scurry out of the way of an explosion or a splash of acid, to catch up with your love as they run out in front of a carriage. This is a largely passive skill, but also represents your ability to hone your adrenaline into action.

Grace - Grace is your ability to carry out certain acts with style and class. To evaluate your movements as you make them in a way that seems natural and effortless. It could be used to imitate a stance in combat, or to evaluate the movements of your enemy and act around them. Or to read the dance of a maiden or gentleman you're trying to impress and move along with them.


Spellcraft - Spellcraft represents your ability to visualize the elements and components of a spell, to sort out what types of magic might be at play, and to replicate those magics yourself. This also represents your ability to visualize a specific object when creating something with magical powers, and how accurate to your concept the result will be.

Empathy - Passively, Empathy represents your ability to understand the feelings of another person or animal. To connect with them on an emotional level and read whether they are being honest with you, or if they are being influenced by emotion. Actively, Empathy represents your ability to get a person or animal to connect back with you, to share your feelings with them and be able to honestly embrace them with those feelings and thoughts.

Memory - Memory is used (at times) in lieu of player memory. It is largely a passive skill, but might serve as the ability to recall something from your past life that could help you in a scenario. This skill may even at times (when Serendipity intervenes) warp reality itself, if you happen to “remember” a door that did not previously exist you may find yourself suddenly having a portal to the other side of the wall. This may be passive but it represents the ability to manipulate the past to your benefit.

Notice - Notice is your ability to notice things at a quick glance. It reflects your ability to walk into a room an perceive potential dangers that may exist to your person, or to see that kitchen knife in the sink still has some blood on it while you're casually strolling around the room.

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