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-====== Campaigns ======+====== ​Possible ​Campaigns ======
 +===== A Missing Generation =====
 +The town of Azgog has always been a little lawless, but this small suburb south of the City of Glass in the Red Desert is now experiencing something entirely new... and terrifying. It started out when the Jaffar, the Leystruck King began raising taxes on the region, belts became tight, and shifts at the mill doubled. Soon enough his mindless men were coming into town testing children for magical talent, with "​offers"​ for the most promising to "join his court"​. As if that wasn't bad enough, other kids have started to go missing, and it's rumored that a band of Draconics to the west have taken them with the intent of training them, brainwashing them into some sort of child army to oppose Jaffar.
 +It seems like there are no good choices left, but the youngest generation is being pulled in two and if this town has any hope of surviving they need someone to step up to the plate.
 +In this adventure, your ragtag group of adventurers are left with a couple options, confront and break up the band of rebels taking kids from the town, try to join their cause and usurp the leystruck king, or leave the town to their woes and try to make your way somewhere else in the harsh red dunes.
 +===== The Wards are Failing =====
 +Who decided to build a town in the middle of the ashen waste? Well... less of a town and more of a depot. Whether you were just passing through on a trade mission, or have been a member of the depot for the last 15 years since it was founded, it seems your tentative peace here has come to an end. Sometime in the last week the cleric of Githl who kept the wards charged went missing, and as the wards start to fail undead are coming into the town to wreck up the place.
 +The clerics apprentice, a young half orc named Gwyn Trenisphere,​ may know something about her masters whereabouts,​ but she's been locked in the cloister the past 3 days and nobody can seem to convince her to come out.
 +In this adventure, you're going to have to either find the towns Cleric, help Gwyn ascend to the role of Cleric of the Depot of the Wastes, or cleave an escape for yourself and the other folk of the depot as the dead close in around you. It's always possible one of you could charge the wards yourself, but you'd have to learn the secrets of how they were made in the first place.
 +===== The Knights of the Kitchen Table ===== 
 +You never expected it to be like this. When you were volunteered to become a page, you worked hard and dreamed of defending your liege, slaying a dragon, or maybe even marrying royalty. As you grew older you were made a squire. You began training to defend towns, and fight injustice. You learned to dance, and play instruments,​ the fineries of the aristocracy were within your grasp…
 +But now? You’re finally a knight. You should have known when you pledged service to King Gordon, or King Gourmand, the eccentric eater as he’s known in the academy, that things wouldn’t be quite what you expected, but here you are... standing in the kitchen, with Eustace, the king’s chef. For the next 40 days you will be reduced to running errands, and preparing meals for the royal family. But it’s not all bad… How eccentric could his tastes really be? At least you won’t be in any real danger… Right?
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