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The Birth of Gællæffa

The Birth of Gællæffa began as many things do, face down, in the mud.

A moment fractal-ized and frozen in time, as one world comes to an end. The universe collapses in on itself and acid rain pours from the skies on the last rock flying through the cosmos. The last sentient being draws their last breath and has their last thought… A thought of beginnings, primordial beings, rising from the mud and looking at their surroundings. Time stops.

So with the death of one universe, in this moment frozen in time immemorial, begins another, and it is called Gællæffa.

The Years of Mortal Peril

The first and oldest race to rise from the mud was the race of man. Some say primordial man was a memory or a mirror of the progenitor of the world.

The time of Mortal Peril was one of division, and the sentient races were hardly that. They lived apart from one another and had no concept of community. They lacked the critical thinking to create meaning behind their actions or the suffering of the world. This time is characterized by animalistic survival, eventually transitioning to more formulaic hunter-gatherer groups. Later, with worship, and the ability to document history, came the age of Illumination.


Lightning flashed, and the world was no longer a thing of darkness. Humanity and all its holdings were outlined to the eyes of the universe, and the gods became aware of what lived within them. He who shows the world in brief flickers is known as Tilg'ningh. His oldest brother, who hides humanity from those who would seek to harm it, is Kard.

Thunder followed warily, filling the world with laughter and music, delighted at the mortal beings living beneath her, and so she was called Thredün.

Soon, though, Tilg'ningh tired, and the gods, curious to watch humanity, called out to a new entity. Githl, lady of light, crested the world, and, holding hands with her brother Kard, smiled upon the mortal beings.

Githl and Kard heard a pitter-patter following in the wake of Tilg'ningh and Thredün, and so did the mortal races first experience Nira, goddess of rain and harvest. She was known to be their mother, the one who caused the mud from which they crawled. She was the one who filled the world with life.

Kard was jealous of Thredün and Tilg'ningh, their beautiful daughter bringing so much light and life into the world, and so created his own son Reycrikt, the spirit of trickery, who created humor in the hearts of mortal beings. He started telling the first stories of the fae, the elves, the dwarves, and all the other fantastical races, as well as of their cities of golden spires and their deep mountain halls.

Tilg'ningh and Githl felt that the mortal races whom they had discovered and illuminated needed a drive. They could not simply live off of the land for eternity, so they created Rief, the spirit of fire and passion. He created heat to dry their mud into bricks and create their first houses, and so the first towns were made.

The Elves and Dwarves feared Rief. They did not need him, for their creativity was fueled by Reycrikt and his stories, and for his passion and heat caused humanity to be consumed, rapidly shortening their lifespan. So instead, they embraced Locd, the shroud of cold and preservation. He would look out at the end of all things standing in lockstep with Kard.

So began the age of Illumination, as all the races now had purpose beyond survival.

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