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 ==== Dogma ==== ==== Dogma ====
 +The dark need not be cold or blind, but should inspire one to look inward, reflecting on their role in the world and to truly feel the intent of those around them. Grow not in spite of the dark, but because of it. Darkness is not finality, but can represent the path to finality, and clerics of Kard should serve to help guide restless spirits to the temples of Locd and their final rest.
 ==== Tenets: ==== ==== Tenets: ====
 +Touch: The world relies so heavily on their sight that they do not use their other senses, truly listen to those around you, feel their intent, smell their desires, and taste the tension in the air.
 +Balance: There is dark and there is light, one does not exist without the other. Darkness does not have to be bad and should not be associated with bad deeds at all times for there is no inherent evil in darkness, like all things dark and light have their own dualities.
 +Sacrifice: To truly accept darkness you must also accept loss, loss of light, loss of sight. You must recognize that you are an individual and when the rest of the world ceases to exist around you, you are in a void of your own emotion. That emotion can still be put to use, and should.
 ===== Relationships ===== ===== Relationships =====
 ==== Allies of the Faith  ==== ==== Allies of the Faith  ====
-  +Kard is the god of darkness, he is one of the eldest of the primal deities and is said to have existed before all others. All other deities rely on Kard to make their significance in the world, some must oppose him others are allied with him. Clerics of Nira recognize the importance of self-reliance,​ and the lightning lords of Tilg'​ningh respect that inner peace grants them their ability to strike and make change on the world.
 ==== Enemies of the Faith  ==== ==== Enemies of the Faith  ====
 +The war clerics of Rief espouse action over self reflection, they believe too much internal thought will consume ones will to act, and their culture relies on pushing back the dark.
 +The clerics of Githl, espousing the virtuosity of the light, often position Kard to be a god of evil or darkness, as it masks the duality within their own order and within the light itself.
 ==== Champions and Avatars ==== ==== Champions and Avatars ====
- +The Druids of the dark woods 
 +The Monks of the northern crest 
 +Caltoran, of the Void Cave
 ===== Structure ===== ===== Structure =====
 +Due to the... more severe nature... of Kard, those who choose to worship and serve his will are usually inherently committed to his cause. Typically this means that there are few large temples or places of worship within common society, cities do not have temples to Kard but will often have smaller Shrines upkept by dedicated members, typically these shrinekeepers work to create these places underneath bridges, or in basements of abandoned buildings where there need not be light interfering,​ and they aim to keep them completely dark.
 +Within certain locations known for darkness there are groups that serve Kard. Often those who appreciate the impact of darkness on nature or on the internal self.
 ==== Clergy and Temples ==== ==== Clergy and Temples ====
- +The clergy of Kard is carefully chosen, as he has a selection of a handful of very dedicated members. 
 +=== Shrinekeepers === 
 +These are individuals who maintain the shrines to Kard within cities and population centers, they often act as mediums for the societies in which they live and make sure to place nightflowers (flowers which only bloom in complete darkness) at his shrine regularly, they often work to cultivate the nightflower which can act as a potent poison, but only to those who are already advancing on the road to death. 
 +=== Bards, Druids, and Monks === 
 +These are individuals,​ sages, hermits, or societies who may have their own internal hierarchy, but they serve Kard by speaking of the balance in all things (darkness and light especially) and guide people to the peace within their own internal darkess as well as to highlight and show the inconsistencies and evils that people perpetrate in the name of the light. They work to right the wrongs of the world, as Kard would see it.
 ==== The Temples of Kard ==== ==== The Temples of Kard ====
 +There are tales of a place called the Void Cave which is said to be the one true sanctuary of the believers of Kard, and the final resting place for his champions. It is currently kept by Caltoran, a rumored campaigner who has protected the void from those who would defile it for the last ten centuries. It is rumored that the Void Cave also acts as a portal to the Æther Void, the land where all beings of æther return to, an amorphous mist of powerful energies constantly entangled.
 ==== The Symbols and Colors of Kard ====  ​ ==== The Symbols and Colors of Kard ====  ​
- +The colors of Kard are often in varying shades of dark brown, grey, and black with the intent of pulling the eye into a seeming void. The symbol of kard is featured above, but is a series of rounded triangles with a circle in the center, it is shaded in such a way as to pull the eye inward.
- +
 ===== Holidays and Festivals ===== ===== Holidays and Festivals =====
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 ===== Known Sects/​Cults:​ Any deviant interpretation of the true faith ===== ===== Known Sects/​Cults:​ Any deviant interpretation of the true faith =====
 ===== Lore and tales ===== ===== Lore and tales =====
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