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Oajiry, the Laurel Prince

The Jealous One, Lord of the Fae, Ruler of Dreams, Progenitor of Thorns and Poisons.


Oajiry is the lord of the Fae of Dræm. He has no inherent domains as he has no explicit followers, only servants, and beguiled. He is often associated with Jealousy, tremendous power, and the wyrd. Some say he is brother to Reykrict.


Oajiry is the creator and lord of Dræm. He chases Locd away when the winter must end, but he is not one of the primal gods of Gællæffa, he holds no affection or close connection to the other gods.


Within the land of Dræm, a sort of upside-down, parallel to the material plane of Yoreth, Oajiry sits on a throne of poison oak and thorns. His court is filled with honeysuckle and crocus, and sits nestled in the golden city of Florejin, where towering trees of golden hue, taller and wider than redwoods mask organic stone structures speckled with veins of gold 1). Centered within his court is the Well of Giants 2), which creates all the pale blue light of Dræm 3). Visitors to the court may pay patronage and make requests from Oajiry in exchange for throwing coin from their homeland down into the well.


Every 2 weeks the moons Gællæ and Læffa merge to create the Fae moon within the sky, and the tether between Dræm and Yoreth becomes short. As the world become close the Fae looks to celebrate their shared experience with the mortal races, and the mortal races unintentionally wander the world of Dræm in waking, not just in the visions given to them by the court of Oajiry.

In addition, the last and first day of the year (one day)4) celebrates Oajiry flexing his power and ousting Locd from the land of mortals once again.

It's said that Oajiry stole 7/8ths of the gold from the material plane of Yoreth to give the resource its value
also known as the well of light
It's rumored that Oajiry stole an even greater, more precious treasure from the world of mortals at the creation of the universe, and that treasure is what powers the light well
this occurs between the last day of Wyrd, and the first day of Godspout
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