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God of Fire, Lord of the Passion, Son of Tilg'ningh, The Spiteful Prince, Hunter of Locd, The Molten King, The Lord of Smiths.


Fire, Passion, Hate, Love


One of the Eight Primal Powers of Gællæffa.


Embrace rage when necessary and do not run from emotion, relish in it, let it fuel you. Take from others what is rightfully yours, for your power entitles you to more assets. Be a blazing beacon for your community, your strength will allow you to dissuade predators, but make sure that your community is fueling your cause, you do not work for free. Do not fear the flame that lives within you, burn all fear and embrace the dawn of each new day. Excise illness and weakness from within your ranks, there is no place for that within your cause.


Strength: Work hard to become powerful, use the resources at your disposal and trust that more will come to you as you grow, for people flock to those in positions of power.

Love: Share your feelings with those around you. You never know what tomorrow will bring and you must embrace those who you care about.

Determination: In the face of danger you must move forward, be stubborn in your ideals and hold to your truths. Trust that what you are doing is right, for others may doubt your cause.


Allies of the Faith

Reif is the son of Tilg'ningh, and Githl, and carries their passion and clarity wherever he touches. The faith of Tilg'ningh is a largely martial order, although they have more subtlety than Reif, they act as the shock troops of the military, whereas the followers and paladins of Reif serve as the ongoing forces that will push back the darkness. The Clarions of Githl work to direct the power of the Fist of Reif, and is generally successful in illuminating the pressing threats. The Fist of Reif generally looks down on the non-martial orders, but does get along well enough with Thredün as they appreciate the mirth and community that her folds bring.

Enemies of the Faith

Reif spits in the face of Locd and Kard, often causing great divisions within the pantheon of the gods. He does not have the temperament to deal with their slow plodding plans and insists that one day it will be he who consumes the universe with his passion, not Locd or Kard with their suggested inevitability.

The followers of Reif also do not get along well with the faith of Nira, for they are cooler and more level-headed in their day to day actions. This causes significant frustration for the Fist of Reif, which aims to act fast and constantly, and does not like to stagnate. They will work together when necessary, but are certainly at odds with one another on how to handle communal situations.

Champions and Avatars

The gods of Gællæffa do not typically have divine spirits that serve them directly, although they may find themselves allied with varying celestial or divine beings such as the Angels or major Dragons. There are saints who are remembered within the history of each clergy, but they are rarely direct servitors to their gods until after their death. Reif has a handful of champions who have historically served his cause, currently the Iron King Jolene is a notable member of the Fist of Reif, which is fitting giving her aggressive imperialistic actions, following in the footsteps of her father.

Reif has less love for a lot of the celestial beings, as with their age they are often strategic in their interactions with mortals, and he views them as being filled with guile. Instead he prefers to commune with beings of action, who hold fire in their hearts, dragons. Reif works closely with several dragons, but in particular The Copper Dragons of Yoreth and the Copper Wyrms within the Jet Strictures.


Clergy and Holy Buildings

Grand Champion - The grand champion is a title of Reif that is typically claimed by a powerful being, they act as a “direct liaison” to the Dragons, espousing Reif's intent and will, for he rewards those who seize power, and use it. The Iron King Jolene is the current Grand Champion of Reif.

The Archblaze - The Archblaze is the head military strategist of the Fist of Rief. It is a role filled by a single individual and they compile and negotiate much of the military orders from the Blaze's. They are often in the presence of many Blazes.

Blaze - Given that the Fist of Rief is effectively a military machine, a Blaze serves as the ambassadors to the cities in which a cathedral of Rief exists. They are lower level military commanders and strategists, acting as directors for the squads of the various cathedrals.

Flame - The average member of the Fist of Rief takes on the role of a Flame. They are not inherently magical or powerful, they do not need to be strategists, they need only be young, capable, and willing to serve and learn. These individuals often get promote or placed into other specialty groups down the line if they are more capable. They live within the cathedral.

Reserves - Any individual who wishes to take part in the ceremonies within the Cathedral of Rief enlists themselves as reserves, knowing that in times of need they may be drafted into the military section of Rief. They are afforded a small salary, and preform duties for their cathedral two days a week.

Embers - When members of the Fist of Rief become too old to fight, they serve the community and the cause in other ways. Primarily by preparing the troops, tending to their needs, and training them in the ways of tactics. In addition they do some minor wound-healing.

The Cathedrals of Rief

The cathedrals of Rief are stark and militaristic. They often have an attached barracks and are largely self sufficient from the rest of the town they reside in. They have residency for their members, and receive substantial monetary pledges from the town in exchange for their protective services. Some individuals within the towns and cities that the cathedrals reside consider the members of the church to be thugs or extortionate in some ways, but it largely depends on the temperament of that particular city, and the alignment of that cathedral.

The Symbols and Colors of Rief

Reif is typically represented by various shades of red, yellow, and white. The cathedrals are often angular and utilitarian in construction. There is often a lot of polished copper or burnished brass in the clothing, armor, and limited decorations around the church of Rief. The symbol of Rief is a dark triangle with a rudimentary flame either in red or made of burnished brass. It is pictured above.

Holidays and Festivals

Within the Calendar of Gællæffa there are NO regular holidays observed by the Fist of Rief. They are largely a military organization and consider themselves as needing to be at peak operation year round. Occasionally they will celebrate individual military victories, but they do not have yearly or consistent celebrations.

Known Sects/Cults: Any deviant interpretation of the true faith

Rief has many names and there are cults that believe in many things relating to him. The cult of flame, a primarily human organization, calls Rief the Spiteful Prince. They believe that he has cursed them with mortal forms, effective flesh prisons, and believe that he will forgive the sins of man if they dedicate their bodies to him, ultimately resulting in self-immolation. Their ranks are often filled with warlocks pledged to dragons, sorcerers of the dragon bloodlines, the odd cleric of Rief, and of course the martial layabouts who otherwise do not have a place to fit in to their societies.

In addition some groups embrace the more passionate side of Rief, believing him to be a god of inspiration and drive, they still serve within the cathedral but typically serve as blacksmiths or other essential crafters to the cause.

One notable thing about the Fist of Rief is that all cathedrals are not allied, there is a feudalistic nature to the clergy, one particular example would be that many of the southern nations view the imperialistic actions of Jolene as an overreach, and Cathedrals of Rief will act as the military staging grounds to repel her forces, despite her being the current acting Grand Champion of Rief.

Lore and tales

It's often debated whether the sun is a product of Githl or Rief, and there is a tale that Rief made the sun in honor of his father, to win his affection. In doing so he became the mortal enemy of Kard, who then blanketed the opposite side of the world in his darkness. Every evening it is said that Kard pushes Rief out of the sky while Githl looks on amused from the homes below.

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