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The Regal Republic

A Map of Karavale


The Republic of Karavale is one of the several free-states of the Southern Society. It has a ruling body of council members representing the primary trades of the city, headed by a mayoral figure called a Louisi. This group has regular monthly meetings to discuss the direction that trade and town management is going in. It is notable that since the end of the War of the Crimson Tide1) the post of military and town guard have been removed from the Louisi Board.

The current Lousi of Karavale2) is Anna Rouge, who was a pirate turned naval captain during the War of the Crimson Tide.

Notable Figures

The Louisi Board

  • Louisi Anna Rouge- Current Mayoral figure and war hero.
  • Laurence Huxley Sr. - Exports Regulator
  • Kira Stile - The Potters Guild
  • Elizabeth Stile - Cultural Representative
  • Victor Rictus - Head of Recyrict's New Saints
  • Samara Keith - Metalworkers Representative
  • Holly Harvestgrain - Patron of Nira
  • Katrina Katarina - Health and Thaumaturgist3)
  • Ol' Gunner - Rural Representative

The Town Guard

  • Chief Constable Benson “Kipper” Haddock - Head of the guard and leader of Central Precinct
  • Nadia Aliluyeva - Second-In-Command, Central Precinct
  • Giovanni Bruno - Captain of Wharf Precinct
  • Kenji Oda - Captain of Dawn Gate Precinct
  • Briar Patch - Watch Quartermaster, a Spriggan


  • The Louisi Board


Karavale is a port city and their primary trade is import/export, however, they also have several local trades including but not limited to:

  • Lighthouse Temple of Nira - Used to guide traffic in and out of the city, provides healing services.
  • Cathedral of Reif4) - A military cathedral, they train in the art of warfare, and this particular cathedral is very knowledgeable in regards to naval battles.
  • The Shining Oak - A tea house and spice exchange, famous for their religious clientele, and their saffron apple pie.
  • Topplegeists Bane - A chandler that makes candles enchanted for magical purposes (as well as some of the best mundane candles in Gællæffa.
  • Docs Forge - A masterwork dwarven blacksmith who's been in town as long as anybody can remember.
  • Ren's Run - A carriage-house that specializes in equipping carts with sled-like gear for traveling through the swamps north of the town, as well as transporting individuals through the less savory surrounding regions.
  • Lucky Clover Stables - The towns stable, they do have accomodations to board giant beetles, and a contract with Ivan Skirstye of the Mellow Marsh Beetle Ranch.
  • Strings of Fate - One of the most talented luthiers of Gællæffa, has crafted masterwork instruments for many kingdoms courts.
  • Admirals' Brass - A capable shipwright, owned by the talented Fraser Ramsay, esteemed retired admiral of the Echo Isles.

Although these are a lot of the unique services offered by Karavale, they do not even begin to scratch the surface of the storefronts that can be found in town, some of which will be listed in the following subsection.

Additional Storefronts

  • The Turquoise Stag - An inn owned by Emma Morton. Chief Constable Haddock can be found here every day at lunchtime for his mug of sweet tea and orange treacle cake.
  • The General Store - Owned by Elspie Ramsay
  • The General Store - Owned by Adam Taunter
  • Reycricts Meetinghouse - A soup kitchen run by Victor Rictus. 5)
  • The Peoples' Thneeds - The tailor Urho Ambroise was inspired to open his own shop after inventing a multi-purpose garment beloved by the seafaring folk of Karavale, originally he worked out of his small apartment within the cities wharf district.
  • Cones of the Frozen North - Owned and operated by an elderly human man named Jarvan Irathion, this shop has been in town for near a century. He constantly refers to his crew while serving up icy cold refreshments, year round.

Major Historical Events

  • The War of the Red Tide
A war of independence between the city of Squall and the now free-states of the Southern Society, ending in the year 1541
serving uncontested since 1553
town witch, and doctor
This cathedral is not associated with the central following out of Squall and is in fact, directly opposed to their military regime.
some have noted that this is the center of an information network, but at the end of the day, they feed the poor.
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