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Larandor is a town populated with humans and halflings. The town's primary export is produce, being surrounded by fertile farmland. The town is famous for its lunabloom wheat, grown from a river that flows from the mountains. Tales say the river never freezes despite the altitude, and so the moons infuse it with unique properties. Exports are transported by merchants to the nearby port of Jundia.


Nearby farmsteads of Larandor mostly store wheat themselves. Most have banded together under a farmer's union and retain a merchant which handles bulk trading on behalf of the farmers. Some who believe their crop to be superior sell themselves, but often still keep a part of the union and simply pay the union merchant for a cut of what they barter for. This exchange allows the farmers a surprisingly good way of life, while the logistics of selling and transporting their goods and buying merchandise they need from elsewhere is handled for them.

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