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Moseport, City of Traditions

The city of Moseport is a sprawling web of multiculturalism centered around the Western Coast of Uh-Ostrias. The city is unique primarily in the number of times it has been “conquered” and that it has surrendered in every battle it was ever involved in, always maintaining the core city tenants and a council to sculpt the continued development and management of the city, and granting council majority to the new conquerors. Because of this, the city is a maze of alleyways, dilapidated statues of historic conquerors, and wide varieties of differently styled buildings.

The City Core

The core of the city overlooks a cliff, a natural earthen ramp running down the south edge of the city to a sprawling warehouse district, leading into a coast checkered with docks, and a long beach, precariously dotted with giant shards of jade. The core of the city houses a grand castle where the ruling family lives, and features chambers for all of the acting council members and their families on its grounds, there are towering spires with onion shaped domes made with local stone and accents of jade all throughout the castle grounds.

The First District

Surrounding the core of the city is the first district, and the first signs of the cities sordid history of surrender. The city becomes decidedly more in-tune with nature, the first district features a large grove of deciduous trees to the south, which have since been turned into a park featuring a wide variety of cultivated flora and fauna. Spreading to the east and west are walls seemingly knit of bark intertwined with stone, as if it sprung out of the ground. Large home-trees spot the horizon, interwoven with bridges strung between the branches and spiraling ramps to ascend with foot or cart. This is the district of the cities first conquerors, a party of wood elves from the north east. The city hardly remembers these conquerors, and a wide variety of races live within the first district, it is now also dotted with hobbit hills and plaster human houses, which sprawl through grand stone arches into the second district.

The Second District

Engulfing the first district is the second district, that of the high elven conquerors of the East. It is marked by thin arches, 10 feet in width, enclosed by what seem to be shimmering barriers of gossamer hard as steel. These barriers are opened in strategic locations throughout the city to create gates, now open permanently. The buildings here are primarily made of a sandstone, crafted and shaped into stone zigaruts and pylons with panes of gossamer glass dotting their expanses. They climb high into the air on posts of stone, and most feature shops and other avenues in their lower quarters, stalls and carts form a sprawling market beneath the towers selling all manners of bright silks, gems, and exotic foods.

The Third District

Expanding out primarily to the east is the third district, with more traditional stone walls and a varietous mixture of stone, plaster, and wood homes and service shops. This is known as the human district and houses primarily human residents. There are several churches, temples, and cathedrals in the third district and the stone architecture is largely Gothic in style. It sprawls half a mile, more of an addition to the city than a surrounding encompassing force.

The Fourth District

AKA: The Earthen Ring

Surrounding the whole of the city is the Fourth district, a forbidding wall 30 feet wide of dark stone that looks as if it is jutting from the ground itself, ostentatious in its height, the dwarvish district looks as if it was carved from the earth itself. Slightly raised from the ground, it's rumored that the dwarven conquerors surrounded the city from every terrestrial direction pulling a veritable mountain from the earth stretching over a mile in length with intent to starve the city of its trade. Once the city surrendered they carved their home into this “wall” and it features clean and smooth cut alleys with carved out (rather than placed) cobbles beneath. The fourth district is a maze for any who prefer dwelling on the surface and the towering building seem to block out the light, in fact, in some locations the light is indeed blocked out by stone walkways that have not been removed above. The street is lit by dim lamplight and bio-luminescent fungus at all times of the day. The dwarven district is full of stonemasons, metalworkers, gemcrafters, opera houses, and tinkers.

The Outer Camps

In the northeastern section if the city a section of this wall has been torn down, and currently features refugee camps, half assembled siege towers, trebuchets, and catapults, all the power the Iron Legion could muster. It is an effective tent city, makeshift stalls are set up to collect the essentials, soup kitchens from within the city have set up outside. This whole section of the city is teeming with well trained Iron Legion troops who have carved a corridor through the dwarven district into the town proper, effectively turning the fourth district into a ghetto.

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