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The Shard Peaks

These otherworldly shard-like mountains act as daggers piercing the clouds above. The ascent on these peaks is brutal, and the peril only worsened by howling winds and ice storms saturated with an unnatural energy. Tales from the few explorers to return alive speak of cave entrances that seemed to snake down into the rock in labyrinthine twisting tunnels, though none ever dared to venture beyond the entrances.

When the wanderers gather, magical ice gathers too. Icy shards locks between their sisters in stone. This reveals new routes upward, as well as new fey threats to brave explorers.


The origins of this strange formation are shrouded in mystery. Some believe they were the site of a battle of gods, and others theorise they resulted from the backfire of a reality warping spell.

However, the most common tale in the surrounding region is of an ancient mountain, whose deceptively dangerous climb killed the mortal child of a god. The god looked down upon the mountains with anger for their transgression, and cursed them to appear as dangerous as they always were.

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