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The Planar Spheres of Gællæffa

The planar spheres of the world of Gællæffa proper can be broken down into four separate realms. This is knowledge held by most citizens of the Yoreth.

Yoreth, The Mortal Sphere

The planar content and structure of Gællæffa revolve largely around the circulation of its moons. Gælla and Læffa orbit the mortal sphere of Yoreth, lending the world its name of Gællæffa. Some say that the light of the moons are what help to keep the world tangible. Mortals have a power that they are not fully of, their belief and their thought impacts the less tangible worlds anchored to their own, creating gods, and mischievous fae. This is not a thing that occurs on an individual level, but as a result of collective belief, whether they assume it is the “root cause” of a natural phenom, or the reason their socks disappear whenever they do the wash, their belief lends these things existence, and so too, does your own.

Dræm, The Intangible Blue

Anchored to Yoreth is the world of Dræm, an intangible world of oddities that the mortal races cannot quite reconcile, but yet hold a dreamy similarity to Yoreth itself. It is a world of brighter lights and blue hues, cold, and grey. The subjects of Dræm hold the mortal races as fascinating in their odd priorities and methodologies. The fae envy the mortals of Yoreth, for although it is pleasant to dream, it is a hollow feeling to exist only within a dream, as is the case for living in the world of Dræm, sometimes fae will attempt to exchange places with mortals, or absorb their warmth and tangibility. Often has a mortal being been lured to the land of Dræm only to be invited to feasts that leave them unfulfilled, and parties which leave them exhausted, as they slowly waste away to nothingness. The fae think nothing of this, mortals wither and die all the time, at least they got to enjoy themselves before they did, and the fae were able to take pleasure in their warmth and presence.

The Jet Strictures

As we travel deeper into the world, we find ourselves in the Jet Strictures, a world untouched by Gælla and Læffa's light. The Strictures are built up of complexes, winding tunnels, narrow strictures, and enormous caverns. Although darkness is the norm, there are also natural light sources from magma pockets, charged crystals, and various flora and fauna with phosphorescent glow. Technically the Jet Strictures are within their own sphere, inaccessible to the scrying magics that exist on Yoreth and the gods who watch from the heavens above, they contain their own set of laws and morals…

Additional Writings

1) The Jet Strictures and how their denizens cope with the interaction of Umbrals

Umbralight, The Ethereal Red

Ethereal as Dræm in many ways, the Umbralight is another world outside the grasp of mortal races. Compared to the cold darkness of The Strictures it is bright, and open. But things are twisted here, nothing quite makes sense, and any attempt to glean logic from a situation can often result in mortal peril. The Umbralight is a land of crimson skies, suffused with the blood of the fallen, for it is embroiled in an ageless war. War has existed as long as royalty has, and royalty founded Umbralight as a land for their pleasantries, and their battles.

When the Umbralight leaks into The Strictures it is often accompanied by confused warriors and harried servants, those who have been involved in war far too long to understand much else. There are gardens, pleasantries, and political doctrine, as well as an endless supply of decadence, but these all act as a thin veneer on a world of violence. All in the name of titles handed down by an ordained aristocracy. There are no gods in the Umbralight, only kings and queens.

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